IMG_1863aHello, my name is Susie Ellis, mother of four, a qualified hypnotherapist & business & lifestyle coach.

Over the years I have become more & more interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating organic & unprocessed food & avoiding pharmaceuticals.

I have developed a lifelong interest in food & it’s affects on our health which began when one of my children was cured of ‘hyperactivity syndrome’ by cutting out food additives & colourings from his diet.

Then I progressed to researching the ingredients in the personal care products & makeup we were using.  I was horrified to read about SLS & Propylene glycol for a start!  Let alone what else I uncovered during the process…

I have now been encouraged to learn the truth, help others, & share my findings & ideas with the world.

I feel I must get this message out so that people are able to make informed choices instead of being stuck in the ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’

There is a lot more to be uncovered & I know you will enjoy joining me on this exciting journey.