Shea Butter Moisturiser

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9th February 2016
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I have been experimenting in making my own moisturiser.  The criteria was that it needed to be organic & not contain any chemicals & it needed to be quick & simple – no more difficult than going to a shop or ordering online.


I used 3 tablespoons organic shea butter & 1 tablespoon of organic hemp oil which filled a small glass jar 6.5 cms diameter x 8cms high.

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before starting to prevent bacterial contamination.

Mash the shea butter with a fork to soften it & break it up then whisk until fluffy.  Gradually add the oil whisking all the time until you get the texture you like.

Any oil combination will work. You could try coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, apricot kernel oil or almond oil.

I prefer my cosmetics unperfumed but if you like essential oils you can add a few drops of your favourite.

Do let me know what you think & let me know the varieties you come up with…


  1. Nicki says:

    Love this .. It’s so simple yet has all the goodness your skin needs .. It’s perfect .. I tend to just use pure oils but I like the idea if mixing with she’a butter for a creamier feel

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