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2nd June 2015
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The term lacks a medical definition, but it is in common usage and found in most standard English dictionaries.

In some countries, there are allergy interest groups that provide manufacturers with a certification procedure including tests that ensure a product is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, but such products are usually described and labelled using other but similar terms. So far, no public authorities in any country provide an official certification that an item must undergo before being described as hypoallergenic.

The cosmetic industry has been trying for years to block an industry standard for use of the term; in 1975; the USFDA tried to regulate the term ‘hypoallergenic”, but the proposal was challenged by cosmetic companies Clinique & Almay in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which ruled that the regulation was invalid.

source: Wikipedia

Thus, cosmetic companies are not required to meet any regulations or do any testing to validate their claims.

The Allergy Buyers club states “This means there is now no regulation specifically defining or governing the use of the term “hypoallergenic” or similar claims. Due to the lengthy procedural steps required to establish a new regulation, it is likely to be undefined for some time to come… Despite all the reassurances and claims that manufacturers give us about their products in terms of allergy reactivity, nothing is 100% guaranteed to be non-reactive.”

So… now we know it is impossible to guarantee that a cosmetic or skin care product will never cause an allergic reaction…there will a post devoted to this subject in a few days

Allergic reactions can occur at any time for any reason; so if you are suffering get in touch & I’ll check with my ever growing ingredient database for you; although I suspect they are also linked to compromised immune systems.

I would be really interested to know your thoughts…



  1. You’re doing such a public service, Susie. Thank you.

  2. Robyn says:

    So you mean to tell me when I’m buying something claiming to be hypoallergenic, it is NOT tested to ensure that is indeed the fact? UGH!!!

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