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17th August 2015
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9th September 2015
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Non Comedogenic: has a simple meaning – a product that will not clog pores.  A clogged pore causes comedones which are white heads which in turn may become blackheads or pimples.

Another variation of the term is non acnegenic where a manufacturer has attempted to eliminate the chemicals that have been known, or tested on a laboratory animal to have comedones.  Do animal skins react the same way as human skins do? If they don’t the results might not be accurate.

If a product passes certain tests it can be labelled non comedogenic but it may also contain oils that are comedogenic.

Alcohol free:   Products labelled ‘alcohol free’ are believed to be gentler on the skin & hair & less drying. Cosmetic products claiming to be alcohol free generally do not contain ethyl alcohol [grain alcohol] which has a drying effect.

But…whether labelled ‘alcohol free’ or not, a product may contain other alcohols such as cetyl, stearly, cetearly or lanolin – all of which are known as fatty alcohols.  I think ‘alcohol free’ is a misleading term

pH Balanced:    pH [potentail hydrogen] is a measure of acidity & alkalinity.   If it is balanced what is it balanced with?

The term pH buffered would make more sense; meaning that the product contains chemicals in it which will maintain it at the same pH.

Our skin is naturally slightly acidic so even if substances are applied to it that change it’s pH it will only have a temporary effect as the skin’s secretions will soon return it to it’s normal state.

Did you know any of that?  More nonsense eh?



  1. Lottie says:

    I need to start taking your blog shopping with me Susie, to help me see through the smokescreen that these companies create – love what you’re doing!

    • Susie says:

      Thanks Lottie! I am creating a series of 10 short videos so people can take a screen shot of what they are thinking of buying & check the ingredients before parting with their cash or damaging their bodies 🙂

  2. Robyn says:

    I’m going to have to stop reading your posts or I’m going to have to stop buying products 😉
    I love learning new things and getting educated; I guess I’m going to have to stop buying products unless I check with you and your brilliant posts first!

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