7th May 2015

Organic or Certified Organic?

Did you know there is a difference?   We think of the word ‘organic’ as meaning ‘grown & produced without involving the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or synthetic chemicals’ Unfortunately some manufacturers are using the chemistry definition of organic: […]
21st April 2015


The number of people becoming concerned about toxins in our environment is growing. More and more skin care companies are jumping on the “natural” and “organic” bandwagon for cosmetics and personal care products. But what do “natural” and “organic” actually […]
13th April 2015

Skin – the Largest Organ of Your Body

  The skin of adults weighs around 8 lbs (3.6 kilograms) and measures 22 sq ft (2 sq m). Skin is our waterproof shield which insulates us & guards us against extremes of temperature & harmful chemicals. It also contains […]
12th April 2015

Web TV Show…

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11th April 2015

Podcast launching soon…

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10th April 2015

Free Skype Consultation

  Free 30 minute Skype Consultation I would really like to help you clear out the toxins from your life, so I am offering a Free consultation / one-to-one conversation with me so that we can go through your personal […]
1st April 2015

Coming soon…
4th May 2014


Do you know which toxic ingredients are lurking in your makeup bag?