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3rd August 2015
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caucasian smiling woman applies moisturizer onto faceThe number of people becoming concerned about toxins in our environment is growing. More and more skin care companies are jumping on the “natural” and “organic” bandwagon for cosmetics and personal care products.

But what do “natural” and “organic” actually mean when we see them on a mainstream manufacturers cosmetic manufacturers or on toiletries product labels?

Skin care manufacturers cannot claim that their products penetrate the skin because if they did, the products would have to be labelled as “drugs” and then would be governed by stricter regulations.

We do now know however that skin does absorb many ingredients in skin care preparations which is good news & bad news. On the one hand our skin can benefit from some great ingredients but on the other some skin care manufacturers still use harmful ingredients that are absorbed into our system, through our skin & would never be allowed to be taken orally.

What we think of as ‘natural’ is being bent by the marketing hype of many cosmetic manufacturers & their PR.

Labels often have long lists of chemical names & some may say “derived from …” (natural substance) e.g. Cocamide DEA “derived from coconut oil” which is totally misleading.

We are led to believe these synthetic chemicals are natural! In some cases this is true where a natural oil or extract is actually used but if the ingredient has been concocted by chemical solvent extraction & processing it is neither natural or pure.

What do you think?


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  1. Sacha says:

    This skin information to me is so important, I suffer from very sensitive skin and get very bad migraines when the air is full of smoke or toxic. especially in the summer time.

    • Susie says:

      This is probably MCS or multiple chemical sensitivity Sacha; take a close look at what you use on your skin & give your immune system a big boost with lots of powdered Vitamin C 🙂

  2. Robyn says:

    I’ve just recently started paying closer attention to what things are MADE of. For instance I had no idea that when something says it has natural coloring, it is typically some sort of squished bug….EWWW! It may come from nature but that doesn’t mean it’s natural. Thanks for all the great info!!

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